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Eisenberg, Elon (2004). New online resource for physicians. Paineurope, 4:1

December 22, 2009 | Filed Under: Latest Readings | Comments(0)

“The Opioids and Pain European Network of Minds (OPENMinds), formerly the European Expert Group for the Appropriate Use of Opioids in Pain Management (EEG), have officially launched a European pain and opioids website,,” coinciding with the European Week Against Pain. “The website aims to assist healthcare professionals in learning about the role of opioids in managing persistent pain and hopes to improve the shared knowledge base on the use of opioids in pain management.” The website “provides visitors with access to in-depth wide-ranging information on the general principles of opioid use in persistent pain management and information on best practice. It also covers various patient subgroups, side-effects, dependence, tolerance (and problem drug users), as well as regulatory and legal issues such as differences in prescribing regulations across Europe. There is also an opportunity for visitors to provide comments and feedback, as well as to ask the OPENMinds group for their expert opinion on key opioid- and pain management-related issues. Healthcare professionals are invited to register for free use of this important new resource at and are reminded to watch out for updates in paineurope, the official publication of OPENMinds.” Dr. Adams Implications: Offers evidence of the lack of interest in the US of government, the professions and business to take concerted action on chronic pain.

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