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Niv, David (2004). Global experts unite in the fight against pain. Paineurope, 4:1

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Exceptional gathering of the European community of pain specialists with the purpose of taking concerted action on reducing the problem of unrelieved pain. “The European Week Against Pain started in earnest on 11 October with the resounding success of the second Global Day Against Pain. The meeting, held in Geneva on October 11, 2004, was a joint effort between the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) and the European Federation of IASP Chapters (EFIC) and was endorsed by the World Health Organization (WHO). “The global focus of the meeting was reinforced… by a live worldwide web-cast, timed so that every continent could view the proceedings first hand. The afternoon sessions covered pain as a global concern, innovation in research and treatment, pain and quality of life and major pain problems in low-income countries.” Dr. Adams Implications: The event contrasts sharply with (1) the minimal efforts being taken in the US to implement national-level action about reducing chronic pain, and (2) why it’s so important that individual CNCP patients get the message that no action probably ever will take place in the US from either government, the medical community, individual physicians or insurance carriers and that every pain patient should get the message and learn to create the conditions that allow them to self manage their pain more effectively, and long term rather than short term.

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