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Pain clinics have closed, pain specialists and carriers that pay for chronic pain rehab programs have disappeared, and those prescribing pain drugs are overwhelmingly general practice docs with no specialization or credentialing in pain management, which puts you at risk. Patients want useful advice from qualified, experienced pain specialists who can help them get back as much of their own, or family members’ ability to function as possible, yet no easily accessible pain specialists are available anymore. The modern solution is having access when you need it to a top specialist in pain management whose treatment goal is optimal, long-lasting functional recovery as soon as possible. What is really modern about this is that your specialist is available to you remotely, faster, cheaper and is far more effective at  functional recovery than anything you can find locally.

Dr. Adams’ mission to provide qualified remote functional recovery to pain patients anywhere who need fast, inexpensive and effective advice, guidance and support based on solid data from an evidence-based practice for chronic non-cancer pain of unknown origin. Dr. Adams provides time to his electronic pain patients 3 ways:

– SPECIALIST VIDEOS: Listen, on site, to any one of dozens of chronic pain questions that are frequently asked of Dr. Adams. There is a token $19.95 fee for listening, on site, to each video.  The fee allows one to listen to the video as often as they want for 24 hrs.

– IN-PERSON CONSULT WITH DR. ADAMS: Listen, on site, to any 3 videos (at $19.95 each) and reserve a free 15-minute consult with Dr. Adams on any pain issue you want. If you want to earn another 15-minute consult, you have to listen 3 different videos.

– IN-PERSON CONSULTS WITH DR. ADAMS: Make an appointment to consult in-person with Dr. Adams on personal pain issues. Fees for in-person consultations are $75 for every 15-minute increment.

From the comfort of your own computer, today, right now, browse the site, listen to videos that address personal issues, or arrange an in-person consultation with Dr. Adams and get started on recovering as much functionality as you can.

Dr. Henry E. Adams, AAPM Diplomate in Pain Management

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