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No improvement in chronic pain in 3 months? Time for a qualified second opinion

September 3, 2010 | Filed Under: Uncategorized | Comments(0)

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If you’ve been getting pain treatment in your local national health service for more than 6 months and haven’t noticed any improvement, yes, it is time for a qualified second opinion by a pain specialist.

And, where better than the US, where more money is spent on studying chronic pain than anywhere else in the world, combined. And, on this site, where the data to support its approach was obtained from the gold standard of research, randomized controlled trials in multiple sites and the approach worked when tested with real chronic pain patients. Especially when you don’t have to travel to the United States to get it.

Our website is not one of those that abound on the Internet that give you the usual Internet generalizations about the 40 different drugs, and 60 different treatments that “doctors use to treat chronic pain.” The technical problem with such generalizations, and the studies that “support” them, never mention a specific functional ability that they’ve helped specific patients recover. And, since nobody has ever had the professional courtesy of giving you a concrete pain diagnosis, you likely have also never been given a solid prognosis for your specific type of pain and treatment conditions. Nor, I’m sure, has a specific treatment plan ever been discussed with you that had a specific time frame in which specific objective, measurable, behavioral changes were supposed to take place. Did you know that that’s what’s supposed to take place?

So, if your goal is to recover as much ability to function as possible, come to today. Choose one of several options that can put you on the road to recovering function again, including a return to work, family and friends, and as normal a life as possible. Here’s what my wiser patients do and the benefits they reap:

– Come browse. Stay a while, and read some of Dr. Adams’ posts on pain. Look at some of the scientific articles on the site, which you’ll never find on the Internet.

– Don’t come just to find out what the state of the art is in America. Stay long enough to feel the substance of what you’re experiencing about chronic pain vs the product pitches and generalities so common on the Internet and, unfortunately, in many doctors’ offices. Get a different feel for what chronic pain really is, not because it’s “interesting” but because it makes sense that you’ll have to do certain things to overcome your complex pain condition. In short, become an informed pain patient.

– Or, for a small fee, listen to 3 pain-specialty-issue videos, of dozens on the website, and earn a 15-minute personal phone consultation with Dr. Adams. This is Dr. Adams’ way of volunteering time to help pain patients (wherever access is bad or treatment mediocre) find out and start doing what’s needed to start overcoming pain.

– Or, again, for a private consultation fee, reserve time with Dr. Adams  to discuss your own chronic pain concerns, or those of a loved one. Ask him to generate a statistically sound prognosis based on the patient’s pain history, precipitating events and current level of functional impairment, given the reality of your specific pain and real-world  treatment conditions. That combination of treatment conditions is the only way to determine functional outcomes in appropriately diagnosed chronic non-cancer pain.

Above all, get a qualified second opinion today. Do not continue to tolerate any more treatment by people unqualified to provide it. The more you do, the more complicated and permanent your pain will become. Find out at least what the right treatment should be for your pain condition here at this website, even if you aren’t able to obtain it through your national health service locally. At least find out what the gold standard is supposed to be to achieve effective, objective, measurable functional recovery.

Go to today, from the comfort of your own computer. Start restoring a life that’s normal again. In the US, at: 559-478-1996. Internationally, at: SKYPE hadams723.

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