Private Consult

Preparing For a Private Phone Consult with Dr. Adams

Step 1: Do your homework before any appointment with a specialist. Know the results of all your medical records and be prepared to give me the details. Jot down key questions: What you want confirmed or what new information you want. Use your time with me wisely to find out what you need to do to start restoring your ability to function.

• Get solidly informed. And if you want the latest scientific data on chronic pain, you will not get it on the Internet. Scientific material is only available in Copyrighted scientific journals and , like books: 1)  it isn’t available for free, 2) you need the credentials to join the society that publishes those journals, 3) you have to have a solid grounding in the science of the particular field to make sense of the data, and 4) you need years of effective clinical experience to know if what the authors are claiming verifiable or not with real patients living in the real world.

• Use the videos I have prepared to give you answers to some of what we know about restoring functionality and different types of pain.  Here are some things we do know: 1)  no drug exists that can restore your specific ability to function, 2) if you want to restore functionality, stay away from treatments that only offer an “improved quality of life” when what you want is “increased quantity of life;” and, 3) make sure any claims that any doctor or product makes about restoring your ability to function can be delivered as quickly and inexpensively as possible (here that means that you should be able to see improved quantity of life in 90 days) .

Step 2: Give me specifics.  Know: 1) the results of all your MRI, imaging and lab chemistries; 2) the dates of all surgeries, motor vehicle, industrial or sports accidents, any broken bones, whiplashes; 3) all your pain and medical medications (not supplements),  listed by what helped, what didn’t , and what you’re not sure whether it helped or not; 4) your family and personal history of pain, drug use, child abuse, and length of any ADHD treatment.

Step 3: Take notes. During private consults I ask a lot of questions that help me understand the real world conditions of your pain’s occurrence. Most of it is technical, subtle and the result of years of experience, so I use those 15 minutes effectively. Much of what I will tell you may seem obvious at the moment, but all of us forget details in these chats. While that’s normal if you’re in pain, it’s a good reason to take actionable notes which, after all, is what functionality is all about.

Step 4: Make an appointment by e-mail or by phone:

E-mail or call 559-478-1996 for an appointment. Due to demands on my time, and our need to personally fund our site, appointments are for 15-minute segments and each 15-minute segment costs $100, paid for by PayPal.

I look forward to the privilege of helping you.

Dr. Henry E. Adams