Death Rates: Oxycontin vs. Other Drugs

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Dr. Henry Adams, AAPM Dipl. in Pain Management

Representative data from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, in 2004, indicate statistically lower  risk of death by Oxycontin, condemned by the American press, when compared to deaths caused by other controversial drugs:

Death Rates By Different Drugs, 1990-2001(Representative Data From 11 States) 

Drug / Percentage rate

Morphine    23

Cocaine      22

Heroin         16

Alcohol        10

Benzos         9

Oxycontin      7

Methadone   6

Codeine       6


* Extracted from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2004). Death rates for unintentional poisonings and undetermined. MMWR, Mar, 53 (11) :233-38.